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Put Your County Warrants Online.

The Most Wanted Network provides an online tool that works with your existing warrants system to supply your community with detailed information for the purpose of resolving warrants through public tips. The site takes the warrant data supplied by law enforcement agencies and publishes that information daily on our national warrants website.


• FREE. No cost to your department or community.
• Your county’s warrants are viewable nationwide.
• Highly automated. New / resolved warrants are updated daily.
• Tips are submitted to Crime Stoppers or directly to your department.


• Fewer phone calls. Less time wasted.
• More citizens looking for your bad guys.
• Improved communication with the community.
• Your Department gets more qualified tips.

Improve the Volume & Quality of Your Tips

Participation with The Most Wanted Network helps to get warrants resolved and arrests made. It also supplements your Community Oriented Policing program by empowering your community to safely and anonymously do something about criminals. The Network lets you share information about crime without an increase in phone traffic.

Law enforcement agencies are reporting that The Network makes the daily process of resolving warrants easier. Warrants are automatically updated daily via a script that works with your existing warrants system. The community will see that their tips are working and that warrants are being resolved.


How Can It Benefit My Community?

Your community will be empowered knowing that they have access to all warrants 24 hours a day and can leave tips securely and anonymously through the site.

Law enforcement officials that have used The Most Wanted Network feel that the public is more confident that they will not be tracked down by the offender if they can provide a tip on the Internet rather than by phone.

Employers and landlords will be able to use your listing, along with the national listings, to check out potential employees and tenants. Web surfers searching for information on old or new acquaintences may hit on a warrant and leave a tip.

The bottom line is that The Most Wanted Network will help you make your community safer at no cost to your department.

  1. Your warrant data is automatically exported from your system by a process that you approve and delivered to our servers via the Internet. At no time are requests ever made back to your system. This ensures your firewall and data remain safely intact. Once in place, the process occurs automatically and updates to your county's warrants section are made daily without human intervention.
  2. The Most Wanted Network receives the data and differentiates between new and resolved warrants based on the previous day's information. The system acts immediately by updating your county's warrants on the site.
  3. Visitors have the option of viewing the newest warrants added that day, searching or browsing all warrants. Visitors who would
    like to submit information
    can leave detailed tips anonymously.
  4. Submitted tips are forwarded
    to the email account(s) of your choice for review.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is it?

Very. The warrant data is transmitted to The Most Wanted Network via FTP (or other method) by your system. At no time are you required to allow access through your firewall. Tips are e-mailed to your warrant officer's email account(s). Tips are not transmitted directly back to your system by The Network. At all times, your internal data will remain safe.

How easy is it?

The setup process involves writing a simple data extraction script that pushes your warrant information to us daily. (We can help you with that.) The transfer of warrants to the Web site is automated so you can concentrate on law enforcement and following up on tips. Once the program is in place, there is very little maintenance required by your department. If you choose to highlight certain warrants, a simple online tool to select "featured" warrants is provided.

Can tips still come through Crime Stoppers?

We welcome interaction with your local Crime Stoppers organizations. Tips can come straight to the warrant officers, Crime Stoppers, or we can give the user a choice of where to send it. Ask us for details.

Who are you?

Hello, we're Xymmetrix, LLC. We own and operate The Most Wanted Network. We are a Fort Wayne, Indiana based web development and hosting firm who has been providing services to our local law enforcement agencies since 1997. Over the years, we have implemented web technologies for our city Police, our county Sheriff's Department, the Fort Wayne Fire Department, and the Crime Stoppers organization.

In 1998, with the corporation of several counties and Sheriff's Departments in northeast Indiana, we launched The program became such a successful asset to the participating law enforcement agencies that we quickly found ourselves needing to offer services to counties outside of Indiana. The Most Wanted Network was born.

What's the catch? How can you provide this service for free?

There's no catch. It's not our aim to charge individual departments and communities for the development, setup and hosting costs of the program. The operating costs of the program are funded entirely through ad revenue. All we ask in return is for you to promote it to your community once your warrants are online. That's it. As the saying goes, "There's no obligation and you can cancel at any time." We feel it's a smart way for you to provide a proven, valuable service to your community and help improve the efficiency of your department without incurring costs.

Case Study: Allen County, Indiana

How The Most Wanted Network Has Worked for Allen County, Indiana

With more than 6,500 warrants outstanding at any time, Allen County, Indiana wanted to get the community involved in resolving its warrants. The Most Wanted Network automated the daily upload of warrants and photos from their computer system (Spillman, in their case) and people started coming to the site before it was even publicized.

After six months, the site had been visited over 318,000 times and generated nearly 1,000 tips. The flood of tips resulted in 540 resolved warrants.

The Allen County Sheriff's Department credits the success to the anonymity that the site provides. Citizens feel they can safely supply information to the officers who can use it.

Statistics from Allen County

Allen County Warrants Launch Date:
June 18, 2002

Number of Warrants Listed On Site:

Average Number of Visits Per Month: