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Romania Trip: June 2001

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Six of us set off to Vurpar in June 2001, in the days of short waits at airports...

Jim & Fran Cameron

Our goals were to start a Lions Club in Vurpar, teach a little Romanian heritage to Sam Dragan, take the next developmental steps at the school, meet with scholarship students to outline program expectations, and learn more about the economic development potential of the village.

Vurpar New
Lions Club

Jim and Fran Cameron led in the establishment of the first Lions Club in a village in Romania. The prospective members gathered at town hall, listened to an explanation of Lionism and filled in the forms for affiliation and membership. Three women were included in the group, officers were elected and minutes taken. Initial projects were discussed and Cameron carried away a packet of membership forms

Lions Club Meeting

Later Cameron and Simon Dragan met with representatives of the Lions club in Sibiu. Given the average income in Romania is hardly over $100 per month in the cities and less than half of that in the subsistence economy of the villages the professionals who make up the Lions Club in Sibiu were simply mystified how the villagers could accomplish such a step.

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Welcome to the Village of Vurpar. In the heart of Romania. Learn about us and help if you can.
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