Vurpar, Romania
Vurpar Street
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Romania Trip: June 2001

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Classroom in Vurpar

In Vurpar, the Project has helped the elementary school with emergency supplies for kids, with office equipment, with a school lunch program and much more. We met with the school principal, Florian Hariga, to assess what more his school needed to broaden the education of the village kids. Remember, the first time we went the black boards were mostly unusable, there was not a modern piece of office equipment in the school and the kids shivered through winter in under heated rooms.

At this meeting we promised to provide more equipment, to continue the lunch program and we discussed installing water in the school. Right. there is no water in the school at all. The toilets are up the hill. There is no place in the school to wash or to do anything else that involves fresh water. So, we discussed what it would take to pipe water from the closest spring to the school. We thought the Vurpar Lions, of which Hariga is also a member, might help with the project.

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Welcome to the Village of Vurpar. In the heart of Romania. Learn about us and help if you can.
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